Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cricut applique

ok there are a few tuitorials available for how to cut fabric with your cricut but I have tried it and been only sorta why am I providing you with a tuitorial?  Excellent question!  This is sorta a what not to do tuitorial.  The first big thing is the kind of backing you use on your fabric.  Dont go with the cheapest...this is one of those "you get what you pay for" items, so use Pellon WonderUnder "The paperbacked adhesive web that turns any fabric into a fusible fabric." - Pellon website.  The other thing is the blade and settings on your machine.  Dont leave the machine speed on max with a blade that has been in your machine since you bought it (unless you've never used it)  The results are a torn up shredded mess!  Finaly dont use a highly detailed small image,  make sure the image is large enough to allow the details to show. Try these settings on your machine Pressure Max (5), Speed Low (2), Blade 6. I have created appliques with my cricut but there was a great deal of cussing and throwing things before I got there so learn from my mistakes.  Go forth and create beautiful appliques!

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